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#lowcardiet this is a video of when I touched down in Portland. Cameo from my friend who let me borrow her headphones on the train! Check it out!

The beginning of the trip!

I’m back!

#lowcardiet Sorry, I was away for a little while, this Seafair weekend was crazy! I was so busy I didn’t have a good shot to sit down and update you on my progress, but I’m back in the swing of things now, so let’s get you all caught up!


Ate pretty well this week. What I consider to be healthy isn’t healthy by healthy standards….if that makes sense. But I work out alot, and I don’t eat the WRONG things, so it works out okay. Obviously I need more vegetables. Didn’t do much besides work on Friday! What was cool on Friday though is that Skullcandy(the headphone company) stopped by the Rich Kids office to show us what I have dubbed the Jambulance. It’s a converted EMT van that they’ve transformed into a mobile studio/showroom/all-around-coolmobile. Check it out.


So I didn’t eat at Chang’s restaurant wherever that is, but I DID have lemon chicken, so I just picked one that was about the size of what I ate. I did the Seafair thing on Saturday with all my friends, that was alot of fun, and I sorta didn’t have the best chance to eat super healthy since I was out on the boat. It was a great weekend for sure though! The sun came out later in the day, and then that night I made it up to Capitol Hill for some dancing and partying at Good Saturday. That’s a party at HG Lodge, that my brother and I MC and Host.


Sunday funday indeed. I was lucky enough to be a part of this incredible dance video with my friend Desiree and some of her friends that she dances with. The video is going to turn out great, and again, it was a beautiful day out. We ran in the fountain after we wrapped shooting!

From there I bounced over to Joey’s on Lake Union to grab some food and see off my boy Pete who was in town for the weekend. Joey’s Nachos are ridiculous! So gooooood…


So Monday I got back on track to an extent, went and had some happy hour at Bimbo’s with my friend over on Capitol Hill, and we walked up there. Nice little workout for the day.

The next couple of days will be dedicated to me locking in and finalizing all things intensive for the Rich Kids brand. We’re prepping to go down to Portland and Las Vegas this week and next week respectively. So I need to set up some meetings, and finalize some things before I head out. I’ll try to post a video before I leave, and I’m going to post videos in both cities as well!

See ya soon!

#lowcardiet So yesterday me and my friend @jenniferfarris took out a Zipcar and headed over to Pioneer Square for the First Thursday Art Walk. It was pretty dope! We saw some pretty spiffy stuff. I think my fav piece were these little oil based pieces of plywood that were painted to look like polaroid pictures! Check out the vid.

Morning View

#lowcardiet So my run this morning was pretty good. I ran a mile in 7:05. Just a tiny bit over the pace I had set from yesterday of 6:50, but not too bad. I was running outside this time instead of the treadmill, and it was significantly colder as well, so it took me a bit to get my breathing and pace down.  I used the Microsoft photosynth app on my phone to take some panoramic shots of the sound/bay and they came out pretty well. The sun rises in the east, so I wasn’t able to catch the actual sunrise, but it did make for some pretty dope shots of the horizon. 

Mid-day now, and I’ve been working from home today, while handling some personal business, but I’m rushing to get outside in some of this sun. I’m baking a chicken breast I marinated last night, and I’ll be eating that with some brown rice and peas! Which is seriously like one of my favorite meals at home to cook. Super simple, but it’s like my go to at this point. Going to try to get another run in this afternoon before I head back out, I’m gonna head to the Pioneeer Square Art Walk a little later tonight I think. Tomorrow kicks off Seafair Weekend!

Tuesday Recap

#lowcardiet Sorry a little late with the recap for Tuesday. So yesterday I tried to eat a little more, and I also rounded out the diet with some different things. I worked out a ton too, so I decided to eat a little bit more. I still had some calories left at the end of the day, but I didn’t consume a ton of carbs. I also worked out a little bit, took yesterday as a break from the hard workout. Today I’ve already run a 6:50min mile, and I’m about to head back into the gym as we speak! Didn’t have any veggies or fruit, and I’ll be adding that in again today, since I had a chance to go shopping FINALLY!

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